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An international background and looking for outplacement? CareerSolution can help.

CareerSolution has extensive experience in outplacement services for people with different types of working experience. Because of our knowledge of the international labor market in the Netherlands we are successful in helping people find a new and suitable job.

CareerSolution is a renowned outplacement services company with nine offices in the Netherlands. Our office in The Hague is specialized in international clients. The career counseling programs are suitable for anyone who is fluent in English. Clients include both organizations and individual candidates.

Our career counseling is always tailor made taking into account the demands of our clients with clear agreements on the process of the outplacement. Of course we are happy to inform you in which way we can help you reach your desired goal.

Please contact us at our The Hague office for more details. If you already are looking for outplacement you are more than welcome to make an appointment (free of cost) to discuss the possibilities.

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