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of some of our clients

“At CareerSolution, I got exactly the guidance I was looking for. A mature and realistic approach and a programme without bells and whistles, and ultimately just the results I needed!”

“The intake process for an outplacement programme at CareerSolution went very smoothly. I was able to make an appointment right away and they really took their time to find out what I wanted with respect to my career goals. The personal and very pleasant support as well as the option of being able to take part in a variety of trainings really significantly improved my chances on the job market. As a matter of fact, I found another job in no time!”

“CareerSolution – thank you so much once again for the expert advice and professional outplacement support. I was able to quickly find a great job.”

“I really felt like I was being taken seriously at CareerSolution. I had a great contact with whom I could communicate on the same level – something I was unfortunately not able to do with most other recruiters. I’m so happy to have been able to find a really nice job thanks to CareerSolution’s expert outplacement counselling.”

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